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We are all living through challenging times and our mental health is more important than ever. I know from personal experience, that counselling can help us remove barriers that have prevented us from reaching our full human potential. My priority is to offer a safe and confidential space where you can talk and be heard, without judgement of any kind. I believe that by working together - creatively and mindfully- we can reach a place of less fear, anxiety and sadness while making possible a life with more hope, gratitude and yes - happiness.

As an integrative counsellor, I use a variety of approaches depending upon the individual's needs. For me, one of the most effective of these is Mindfulness. Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy  ( MBCT ) is a proven method for issues such as anxiety, stress and depression. Mindfulness also fosters wellbeing. Mindfulness meditation allows us to push the pause button on our "automatic pilot " so that we can find the stillness and peace that exists inside each of us.

"There is nothing stronger in this world

than gentleness"

- Han Suyin