I've suffered from depression and anxiety for my whole adult life, and have tried a number of
different therapies and medications without finding anything that really "clicked" for me. Graham's
counselling has been the exception.

Graham's advice and the mindfulness techniques he has taught me have really helped to give me
a feeling of self-control, and growing self-confidence, that allows me to really tackle unhelpful
thoughts and avoid the self-destructive behaviour that can often follow. I found Graham to be
comforting and accepting, and a counsellor who really makes me feel listened to. He shows no
judgement at all, and yet helps me find a space of healthy criticism, often pre-empting and refuting
moments when I'm being too judgemental toward myself.

I would definitely recommend Graham to those who may have tried CBT and found it partially
helpful, but difficult to follow through with. His guided meditations and further recommendations
have been an important part of being able to find calm, to be honest with me, and to treat my
feelings with acceptance, rather than hiding from them or trying to change them.

All the best,


My partner and I were struggling to get the balance right in our relationship. Everyone has different stresses in their lives and we were finding it difficult to see the wood for the trees. We knew we needed some help to realign ourselves as a team because we were basically just stuck in a cycle of up and down emotions, not able to break it but both wanting to.

This is when we found Graham, our mindful counsellor. We learnt not only how to re-frame situations and thought patterns so they created less stress, but also dug into practical ways in which we could grow stronger and be better as individuals within our union. We learnt how we could change behaviours and in the process, we created a better understanding of each other on a deeper level so that we knew how we could get the best from one another. We focused on our joint goals and objectives as a couple through our shared value-base, exploring what is most important to each of us individually so we could both feel valued, appreciated and respected within the relationship.

I do not pretend that this was or is an easy process, nor that we always got it right and Graham would be sure to gently guide us and pull either of us up on less desirable behaviours if we needed it. It is a journey for sure, but we now have a stronger and more versatile toolkit to be able to handle the bumps in the road ahead.

Perfection was never the goal, but being able to work together to solve whatever life throws at us and have a healthy, fun and happy relationship with more good days than anything else is definitely a winner. So we both truly appreciate all of Graham’s help and support on this journey and for getting us unstuck!

All the best,

Victoria, London


“I cannot commend Graham’s thoughtful and insightful counselling enough.

After the death of my father, the relationship with my girlfriend really started to suffer. 

Graham’s natural warmth, kindness, and practical advice helped immeasurably”.

London Client


Having suffered from social anxiety for most of my adult life, I was of the belief that medication would be my only choice. Graham introduced me to mindfulness and alternative ways of thinking which have allowed me to somewhat silence the ever-noisy thoughts in my head.

Through Graham's guidance, I have begun going out more and feeling better within myself. Following this path and keeping to the mindfulness exercises has already improved my mental health a fair amount in such a short amount of time.

Ted, UK